September 17, 2014
Nancy Zambell

by Nancy Zambell
Editor of Dividend Digest and Investment Digest
from Investment Digest, Issue 761

The markets have stayed on an upward trend this past month, and sentiment—as you can see from our Advisor Barometer—has become decidedly more bullish. However, our expert market prognosticators are still cautious, awaiting the Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates this week.

On the economic front, consumer credit and sentiment have become more positive and unemployment claims are holding steady. Corporate America saw an excellent earnings season, and when companies feel confident that they can continue making money, they are more apt to spend it, which helps accelerate the economy.

Our Spotlight Stock this month reflects that growth, expanding its outsourcing services around the globe. I take a further peek into that growing industry in my feature article.

Growth stocks were on the minds of our advisors this month, and they span number of different industries, including retail, online auto information, REIT, energy, home building supply and drug store.

The financial industry is improving, offering several ideas in technology, brokerage and auto lending. And value stocks are beginning to heat up, with our contributors finding ideas in the food, temporary staffing, auto and insurance industries.

And while the markets continue to set records, our advisors have still managed to find several enticing low-priced stocks.

Technology remains attractive, and we share picks in a variety of industries, including communications, payment processing, robotics, RFMD and information technology. You’ll also find a large generic drug maker, a couple of balanced/blended funds, and some commodity ideas in our Funds/ETFs and ETNs section.

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September 22, 2014
CVS Caremark (CVS)
Dr. Stephen Leeb

Dr. Stephen Leeb

Health care is one area where expenditures grow, rather than decline, with age. And while higher health care spending isn’t a good thing, and it would be great to see per capita health care spending diminish, you can’t argue with demographics.

One implication is that while most retailers increasingly will struggle, those geared toward health care could benefit. That’s why this month’s Spotlight stock is Growth Portfolio’s CVS Caremark (CVS), one of the few companies positioned to profit simultaneously from both the rise in health care spending and the compelling need to cut per capita health care expenditures.

CVS is the nation’s leader in two major health-related industries, drugstores and pharmacy benefit management (PBM). While its drugstores sell a wide variety of items, health care products are an important part of the mix. And as the leading PBM, the company plays a major role in controlling health care costs. Together, these two divisions make CVS the country’s largest diversified provider of health care services. Read More »


September 11, 2014
USA Compression Partners LP (USAC)
Roger Conrad

Roger Conrad

USA Compression Partners LP (USAC) stands to benefit from the growing proportion of U.S. natural-gas output that comes from shale basins. The MLP leases specialized compressors to midstream operators to force natural gas from local gathering systems into the pipeline network.

Demand for gas-lift compression also continues to grow. This technology artificially increases pressure in oil wells to enhance production.

Since its initial public offering in January 2013, USA Compression Partners has moved aggressively to meet demand, investing heavily in new horsepower and acquiring gas-lift specialist S&R Compression for $187 million. Read More »


Nancy Zambell

Nancy Zambell

from Barry Arnold  in The Primary Trend — Dividend Digest
dated September 10, 2014

The average bull market since World War II has lasted 4 1/2 years and produced gains of 140%. Thus far, the 2009-2014 bull market is 5 1/2 years long and +202% in the green.

Breadth as measured by the NYSE Cumulative Advance/Decline Indicator continues to make new all-time highs. This should peak before the stock market eventually tops out.

This is still a momentum market—which means further upside is in the cards, but risks are elevated in this environment. Read More »